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Et tu? May 2, 2017

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How do you grieve,

A love lost.

When your heart, your mind

Have no capacity for more pain.

Because there is different pain, bigger things to mourn.

Don’t be flattered,

Because i showed my hand today.

For you, my friend

I dont have a tear to shed

Just a sigh perhaps.

A fleeting sense of sadness

As i go about my day.


Pause. April 13, 2017

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Summer dont you come,

Not just yet

I’m afraid

The nearness of him

Will melt the snowmen

I’ve made in my heart.




Enough April 5, 2017

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I’ve decided that im tired.

Of the things he does.

And the things you dont.

Your inability to speak

Is almost as tiresome

As the games he plays.

Although in my mind

you have always been

The one,

In a light bulb moment i realise,

If both of you fail to make me happy

Then neither of you can be right.

Not for me. Not anymore.


The one February 28, 2017

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What a pity, you’ll never know

How many times I’ve fallen

In love with you

The first time so unexpected

Violent, like a blow to the head

A technicolor event of dancing spots.

The disbelief, the denial

Followed by stunning clarity.

Yes, i was in fact in love.

The next time i fell, so full of awe

Oh your short-lived stay up on a pedestal!

But the third time was really my favorite

It was surreal but lucid.

Like walking in a well known dream

And falling off a cliff.

Full of consciousness and no illusions

We were older, more forgiving.

I think this time, it was for good.

Then there were all those other times in between

Like when i looked across the room

And you were looking at me, unflinching

Or every time your hand curled around mine

But most of all the countless number of times

You knew me better than I did myself.



Decisions decisions February 21, 2017

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In my regret of not starting

My life with you

I begin to imagine ending it with you.

I could cleave my existence

Right down the middle

One half his, the other yours.



Dear daily visitor February 18, 2017

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For you.

I wish I wrote more.



Musk February 7, 2017

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I remember

In the middle of the day

How one time

You smelled like cigars

Strong and sweet.

I remember inhaling your skin

Inches away from my mouth.

I remember all this

In the middle of the mundane