Green Tea Diaries

Almost summer November 11, 2017

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I imagine what it will be like

When I step on the grass

Will you be there before me?

Glass in hand and two heads taller

Or maybe I’ll beat you to it

So you’ll find me half drunk instead

But we’ll behave so proper like

Oh I’ll kiss her cheek,

You’ll shake his hand

Its afterwards that we slip up

You’ll soon forget how not to stare

And I’ll forget my lines

All the way across the lawn

But hey it’s almost summer

So easy to misbehave

In this stupor of warm sunshine

When your eyes turn green

And I’m drinking something pink









Skin November 10, 2017

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No, these are not scars

And certainly not at your hand.

They are only stretch marks

Just a reminder

That my heart expanded for you

And then constricted when I was done.

So dont flatter yourself,

No scars here, only stretch marks

Ugly and inconvenient

But impermanent, they fade with time







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Our love runs cold

Like a forgotten cup of tea

Tepid and undesirable

But I cant forget

When love used to be fierce

Scalding and sipped with reverence



Compulsion October 31, 2017

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You are the hang nail

I distractedly chew to a bloody end

You are the scratchy sweater

I hate, but refuse to throw out

You are the compulsion

The habit I could try and overcome

But choose to keep instead.


Fruitcake October 23, 2017

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Last week i thought of your teeth

What they look like

When your lips draw back in a smile

It’s a funny thing to remember

But these days i have the strangest thoughts

Just what did you expect?

Without you here

You know im not quite myself.









Half a dream September 28, 2017

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It was like you never left

Standing tall over me

Whispering funny things

Me pulling faces

Trying not to laugh.

We were back there

Where it all began.

Swapping war stories

Licking our wounds

Like old lovers

Lingering too long.









Daisy said September 20, 2017

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we rolled our eyes.

of course,

we were too young

to understand

but daisy was right.

even a glance is a gift

she said

make them bleed

climb mountains for you

and make sure

they are worthy as fuck