Green Tea Diaries

Her hair July 15, 2018

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When she cut her hair short

Her hair, glorious like mine

Did you think of me?

Did you taste the familiar bitterness

And did you hear once more

The ominous strains

Of our inevitable end.


Subliminal June 6, 2018

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Now and again

You come to mind

A fleeting thought

Gone before its fully formed.

Truth be told,

I’d rather you live here

Buried in the depths

Of my consciousness

Than fall away from me

In the tears i should cry.



Not that different May 9, 2018

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The day i found out you were human

Ugly and flawed like the rest

I should’ve been relieved

When you fell from your pedestal

I should’ve laughed out loud

But instead, i felt nothing

Suddenly you were nothing

Because you see, i am human too


The wait April 24, 2018

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On a sweltering afternoon

In this uninterrupted idyll

I watch the garden

Come alive with shadows

The yellow araliya tree

Playing cat and mouse

At high noon with the sun

In another hour or maybe two

It will all be over

As the sun creeps westward

I will pour myself another cup of tea

And the araliya tree will stand subdued

Demure and beflowered

She knows, the sun will return




the arrangement April 23, 2018

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you don’t ask

why i came back

and i don’t ask

what you did

while i was away


For another day April 16, 2018

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Someday i will tell you

Stories of love

Of inches and oceans

Words written but unspoken

I will explain to you nuances

Of heartache and patience

And the fearless ways of conviction



house ghost April 3, 2018

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Navigating the mundane

With you on my mind

Is the hardest.

On a random afternoon

I find you suddenly

In a drawer

When I was only looking

for batteries.

Or on the second shelf

Of my refrigerator

Wedged between

Two day old bread

And a questionable curry.

Then there are times

I find you in stranger places yet

And it’s rather rude

if you ask me

When you appearĀ in my bed

Without a warning

In the middle of the night