Green Tea Diaries

Daisy said September 20, 2017

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we rolled our eyes.

of course,

we were too young

to understand

but daisy was right.

even a glance is a gift

she said

make them bleed

climb mountains for you

and make sure

they are worthy as fuck



Soar September 15, 2017

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Dont mistake

That fluttering

in my sleeve

For my heart.

They are wings

Breaking free.



Molasses in my ear August 12, 2017

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Your voice

Pours out

Like treacle

Sweet and thick

Sliding down my cheek

Warm syrup on my neck

And engulfs my heart

A liquid caress




Unbearable lightness of being August 4, 2017

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If i were a mortician

I would cut a hole in your chest

And take your cold cold heart out

Then fill the void with my own

I would sew you back up

With rows of neat little stiches

And watch your body come to life

I would even watch you fall in love

With some girl you hardly know

And when you kiss her mouth

I wouldn’t feel a thing

How could i?

When you have my heart

And i have none.




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Sing to me heathcliff

Raise your voice

Louder than the wind

And banshees in the moor.

Let them call us the wild ones

Because that’s what we will be.

I will stand right here in the middle

Not quite yours, but certainly never his

And though you may go quite mad

I’ll hold your demons close.







Bleed August 3, 2017

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Pain is a curious thing

And you’d think

we’ve caused enough

Endured enough

Still we forget, like a moth

Bedazzled by the light

Drawn, suicidal

To feel pain and make it felt

Unable to resist yet another slight

a fresh cut , a good rub of salt

Until we lie broken

Burnt like the errant moth.

Today you win and i am,

Breathless with pain.


Non-affair July 13, 2017

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What if we had just jumped in

When we were younger, bolder

One of those nights

Over gauche arguments

and one too many drinks,

What i really should’ve said is

‘Fuck this,

‘Just kiss me already’

Oh if only,

i had been stronger

And you had been weaker.